Halloween Fun

Summer and fall were pretty dry seasons – creativity wise – for me. I was spending most of my time outside and really didn’t feel much like writing. As colder weather sets in, I find myself fitting back into more creative pastimes. And for the last week I had a lot of fun with my favourite October activity, pumpkin carving!

About 9 years ago, I started carving pumpkins with more than the typical triangular facial features. I didn’t really think I could ever pull off anything more complicated, but my first attempt at a Frankenstein pumpkin turned out ok! I was hooked. While I have not been able to figure out how to design my own pumpkin carvings, it is really easy to find all sorts of ideas online. 

Even with using a pre-made design, the whole process takes me 3 – 6 hours per pumpkin, depending on the complexity of the design. I cannot believe the patience I have for this activity, as I don’t seem to have it for anything else! There is something very calming and therapeutic about slowly slicing bits of pumpkin away, revealing a picture as you go. 

“We’re friends ’til the end, remember?”
“Ack ack ack. Ack ack ack, ack ack. Ack ack ack ACK ack ack!”

I usually stick with movie characters from somewhat spooky movies for my pumpkins. This year, I chose Chucky, an alien from Mars Attacks, and the cat, Church, from Pet Sematary. I am always worried that they won’t look how I want them to, but once I put the candle in, there is usually a big smile on my face. Maybe next year I will have the guts to attempt a design of my own!

Happy Halloween everyone!

“Cause I had a dream about him. I had a dream he got hit by a car and you and Mr. Crandall buried him in the Pet Sematary.”

2 Comments on “Halloween Fun

  1. I loved the alien from Mars attacks! Also the movie is hilarious. Happy Halloween and hopefully you’re enjoying your weekend so far! Take care my lanky friend. 😅


    • Mars Attacks is hilarious! I’ve been having a great day so far 😊 It’s super windy outside so my afternoon hike had a real spooky vibe haha. Hope you are enjoying your Halloween 🎃


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