New Year, New Me, a New Way – 5 Tips for Making Goals

If you are anything like me, you probably already have a list of goals, plans, and lifestyle changes made for the coming year. It’s exciting to dream about how life will change and improve – how you will become a more amazing version of… Continue Reading “New Year, New Me, a New Way – 5 Tips for Making Goals”

5 Things I’m Trying to Reduce My Anxiety

My anxiety can make me feel like I’m drowning. Constantly being hit by wave after wave of life’s problems, I can’t seem to keep my head above all of the worry and stress. Even when it’s calm, I am anticipating the next swell, worrying about when I will be pushed under again. This summer, in particular, was hard for me, though I didn’t want to admit to myself how bad things had gotten. Surface distractions weren’t working anymore. My worries and tension were starting to seep into my swims, time in my veggie garden, and even video chats and online games with friends. The moment I wasn’t distracted by an activity, worries would completely consume me, and it was nearly impossible to climb out of the overwhelming sadness that accompanied my anxious thoughts.  I need to get to a place where I can stop worrying about the coming swells, and learn instead to play in the waves.