The Season of Change

Tonight was surprisingly special to me. I wasn’t expecting to get emotional during my swim, but as I rested in the cool water, I felt tears collecting in the corners of my eyes. 

I have always loved entering into a new season. Fall, like for many others, is my favourite. It strangely feels even more like a fresh start, or a new beginning than the start of the year does. Somehow, fall seems to mark the passing of time more than other seasons for me. 

I sat and watched a young loon practise taking off, preparing for its migration. I watched it grow all summer long, from a fluffy little thing swimming with its parents, to a juvenile, ready to be on its own. So much has changed for this beautiful bird. It made me realize that so much had changed for me as well. 

Sometimes change is big enough to be seen by others, but often it is only noticeable to those experiencing it. For me, that change has been becoming more comfortable with discomfort and recognizing that in those uncomfortable times, is often when the most healing and growth happens. 

I never thought that I would ever choose to go swimming in a lake in September. Honestly, it isn’t easy to do it now. But I have recognized that the unpleasantness of getting into cold water on cold days is worth the boost to my physical and emotional health.

So whether it’s swimming in cold water, pushing yourself in a new workout program, having difficult conversations with loved ones, going for stressful medical tests, etc. – try to find some comfort in being uncomfortable. It’s worth it in the end. 

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