Hoping for an Adventurous Year

            When many people choose their word for the year, it is a well thought out choice. It is often something that they particularly want to focus on or accomplish throughout the coming year. I seem to stumble onto my words, usually towards the end of December. A word (or words) seems to continuously pop up in unexpected ways and places. Last year had two words, much like the year before. This year however, has only one word. A word that I love and likely overuse, much to the annoyance to those around me. My word for 2022 is ADVENTURE.

            I had every intention of this being a start of a new year type post, but somehow I find myself already well into April. It would seem that my desire to write was in hibernation throughout the coldest winter months. Now, with warmth returning to the sun’s rays, my willingness to participate in hobbies is starting to wake up. 

Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny.

C. S. Lewis

            When I started seeing the word adventure popping up everywhere just after Christmas, I realized that it needed to be my word for 2022. I am still feeling that it may be a little over ambitious of a word that could be difficult to live up to this year, so I have come up with a sort of plan. While the process of my word choice is somewhat passive, living up to the word will take much more effort. It also seems to be the perfect word to inspire some intention into crossing off some of the items from my 40 Before 40 list. It has been neglected horribly these past few years. 

           I have a bad habit of calling much of what I do, an adventure. Surprisingly, it’s not completely inappropriate. Most definitions of adventure include the aspect of a new experience and an element of risk. Much of what we do in life could qualify, to a certain extent. But I’m going to be much more intentional about having proper adventures. I have plans to explore new places closer to home and even booked a few flights already. Hopefully some blog posts detailing completed bucket list items will be coming soon!

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