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Hoping for an Adventurous Year

  When many people choose their word for the year, it is a well thought out choice. It is often something that they particularly want to focus on or accomplish throughout the coming year. I seem to stumble onto my words, usually towards the end of December. A word (or words) seems to continuously pop up in unexpected ways and places. Last year had two words, much like the year before. This year however, has only one word. A word that I love and likely overuse, much to the annoyance to those around me. My word for 2022 is ADVENTURE.

45. Go For a polar Bear Dip – done!

  My 32nd birthday really snuck up on me this year. Time has been flying by and I have started to get concerned about my ability to complete the items on my 40 Before 40 bucket list – and my left over 30 Before 30 list items. Already two years into my 10 year limit, I started to feel the pressure to scratch something, ANYTHING, off my list. With Spring in the air, and the ice showing signs of pulling away from the shore, I knew it was finally time to do a polar bear dip.